Sun-Tzu Dunmore

SUN-TZU DUNMORE (Ensemble) Born in San Diego California, Sun-Tzu began dancing at the age of four. When she was six years of age, she joined an African dance company in Los Angeles. There she studied under Ms. Shirley and was able to dance with authentic African tribes, Alvin Ailey dancers and much more. Sun-Tzu grew up in a heavily influenced Latino environment, making her connection with Latino culture and dance very strong. After taking a six-year break from dance, Sun-Tzu decided to continue her dance training. She enrolled into an arts school, where she was introduced into a diverse dance environment. There, she was taught ballet, modern, tap, jazz, contemporary, African and hip hop. This year, she graduated from Arts and Communication Magnet Academy, a school located in Beaverton. In her third year there, she joined Dance West, a pre-professional dance company. During that time she was able to travel, work with respected choreographers and perform with prestigious groups such as The Oregon Symphony. She studied under Les Watanabe, Terry Broch, Kemba Shannon, Jason Davis and Julane Sites, all of whom have greatly inspired her own dance style. She plans on traveling the world in order to expand her expertise in different dance styles. She hopes to change the world by inspiring and healing others with the art of movement.