Damaris Webb


Damaris Webb is a theater maker as social justice advocate. She has created new works for the stage with diverse communities around the US and internationally; her work lives in the intersection of contemplative dance, improvisational performance art, and contemporary theater.  Ms Webb holds her MFA in Contemporary Performance from Naropa University, her BFA from The Experimental Theater Wing of New York University, and trains out of McConnell’s Boxing Academy. Recent Portland directing credits include Cop Out (co-director, Red Door Project), Left Hook, Cottonwood in the Flood, and The Box Marked Black: Tales of a Halfrican-American Growing up Mulatto. With sock puppets! (director, Vanport Mosaic). Ms Webb received a 2018 Drammy nomination for her boxing choreography on OCT’s And in this corner: Cassius Clay. She is the co-director of The Vanport Mosaic: a community driven, artist-led non-profit, dedicated to presenting, celebrating and preserving the silenced histories of the pacific Northwest in order to better understand our present. www.damariswebb.com