Annalise Albright Woods

Annalise Albright Woods (Sound Design, she/her/hers) is thrilled to be working on her first production with Artists Rep. Favorite Portland area design credits include Salt, Head, Hands, Feet (Drammy Award), Miss Julie, and The Masque of the Red Death with Shaking the Tree; Passion Play with Shaking the Tree and Profile Theatre;  Dear Galileo with Playwrights West; Pool (no water) (Drammy Award), The Sexual Neurosis of Our Parents, and The Long Christmas Ride Home with Theatre Vertigo; Luna Gale and Crooked for Coho Productions, Locomotion and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory for Oregon Children's Theatre; Mimesophobia for Sand and Glass Productions; and Find Me Beside You, Mutt, and Restroom, for Many Hats Collaboration.  Annalise received an MFA in sound design from the California Institute of the Arts and an MS in Educational Leadership from Portland State University. Love to Jeff and Oliver.