Oregon Play Prize Update

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Owen Carey

We are very happy to announce that there are 131 submissions to consider for the Oregon Play Prize. They poured in before the January 31st deadline – nearly 80 gushed in during those last few days – and what a terrific, eclectic group they are! They run the gamut from wacky comedy to serious socially conscious drama, from poetic lyricism to musical comedy, and from nascent idea to polished script. Our team of twenty-two volunteers is busy reading all the submissions and selecting those that will advance to the second round of evaluation.

It’s exciting to see the variety and depth of writing coming from Oregonians (and a few who currently reside out of state but whose roots here are deep and strong).  While only three will advance to the final round when the public will have a chance to help choose the Oregon Play Prize recipient, we congratulate all those who submitted. Writing is tricky business and hard work, and we appreciate all the effort, imagination, and dedication it takes to submit. Kudos to all of you playwrights!