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Artists Repertory Theatre offers workshops specifically tailored for businesses

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Speaking in public can feel overwhelming. Artists Rep can help!

Actors who appear on stage in front of audiences night after night have developed and honed specific skills that can help your employees with their ability to communicate and collaborate with other people. Artists Rep has created workshops taught by highly experienced theatre artists and instructors who work with your employees to develop these same skills and improve their ability to present their ideas with confidence.

Our experienced instructors work individually or in groups with business leaders, managers, and employees who want to feel more effective and at ease in their public speaking and business communications.

Working with us, your employees will learn techniques to:

  • Speak with presence. This means developing “audience sense” – an awareness of how their audience is responding.

  • Use body language and movement to truly have an impact on their audience.

  • Use their voices effectively.

  • Thoughtfully consider the needs and expectations of their audience, including Board Members, staff, community, customers, and clients, while showcasing the core principles that guide your best work

  • Feel successful when speaking in large or small groups; during online or Skype interviews; asking for money; making presentations to staff and Board Members; and speaking to the press.

Workshops tailored to your specific business and your employees’ needs can take place at your business location or at Artists Repertory Theatre in downtown Portland.  


Some of our experienced instructors who lead these workshops include:

  • Sarah Lucht, who in addition to having performed at Artists Repertory Theatre for 25 years, is a faculty member at the Haven Institute in British Columbia where she co-leads acting workshops for business professionals. She also does private coaching for performing artists and business leaders, with a special emphasis on breath and energy work. Sarah has led workshops and conducted training for Nike, Spoon, and Artslandia.

  • Adriana Baer is a director, professor, and professional speaking coach who works with business leaders to improve their ability to communicate their ideas to their target audience.

  • Chris Harder has been teaching acting techniques to students of all ages at a variety of skill levels for over twenty years. He is a faculty member with the Portland Actors Conservatory, a two-year program dedicated to training professional actors. He has worked with employees at Nike and is presently teaching a class at Artists Rep specifically designed for business people.


For more information, or to set-up a workshop or individual coaching session, contact us at or 503.972.3001